Half of what you’ll learn in [medical] school will be shown to be either wrong or out of date within five years of graduation; the trouble is that nobody can tell you which half, so the important thing to learn is how to learn on your own.” –David L Sackett

Being a competent veterinarian isn’t easy. You are licensed to handle many different species and issues, some of the latter won’t even exist during the time you are in veterinary school. Some conditions and situations you will only encounter after graduation. You may switch career paths and see species you never intended to see. Many times the answers aren’t in the book or the book is outdated. Dr. Google provides many “answers”, not all of which are helpful. Hopefully this resource will give you a starting place to understand the common conditions encountered by veterinarians working on large animal species and the exercises will help you expand your capabilities for sorting through the myriad “answers” out there. Your wonderful brains can help you put them together. It just needs practice.

This resource is not intended to read cover to cover. When you have a question, check the table of contents on the right of each page and head to that section! Save the cover to cover reading for something more fun.

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