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How to – Subconjunctival injection


Subconjunctival injections are used to provide ongoing medication to a patient that will not tolerate digital application of ointments or instillation of drops and is also not a candidate for various flush systems. This is typically cattle. The most common condition treated is pinkeye.

Antibiotics (or steroids) are injected under the conjunctiva of the upper globe. The drug will leak out slowly over time, bathing the cornea.


Use a 25 or smaller gauge needle and a 3 cc syringe. Generally 1 ml of medication is used.

Provide topical anesthesia and palpebral block if indicated.

With the bevel up, insert the needle subconjunctivally until the bevel is fully covered. Inject slowly.


He is injecting into the palpebral conjunctiva. Starts at the 7min mark.


Pinkeye problems in cows, CSU extension


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