Male urogenital surgery

Cranium – Male Urogenital Surgery

This game is designed to let you show off your knowledge and skills

The instructor will divide you into teams of 2-3 so that there is an even number of teams.  You will compete against one other team (one board per two teams). Team A vs Team B.

Go to your page of the ebook to get the questions (and answers) that the other team will have to answer. Your instructor will give you the password for your team page.

Team A page

Team B page

Your goal is to get around the board and into bed (your Moon) for a well deserved break.

Each team has to successfully meet a challenge before they can roll and move.

Team A will pull up the first challenge and pose it to Team B. Each team has 60 seconds to answer knowledge questions (open book) and 5 minutes to draw, sculpt or act out the secret word/phrase questions. Challenges can be adjusted by the team posing the challenge as needed.  Secret word/phrases should be passed to only ONE member of Team B and done privately

Teams decide how easy/hard they will grade answers.

If a team successfully meets the challenge, they roll the die and move clockwise toward their Moon,

Team B repeats the process for Team A.

First team to reach their Moon wins.


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