Male urogenital surgery

How to – Preputial resection


Relevant anatomy

Preoperative management

Food restrictions:



Tetanus prophylaxis is recommended. 

Local blocks:


Surgery Supplies: 

Surgical procedure

  • With the penis extended, determine the amount of prepuce (generally damaged) that needs to be removed. If you don’t have an assistant, it can help to use a towel clamp or piece of gauze to keep the penis extended. A penrose drain makes a good tourniquet.
    Keeping dorsal aspects aligned, create a circumferential incision at each end of the area to be removed. The incision should extend into the loose connective tissue. Connect the two circumferential incisions with a linear incision to the same depth. Remove the damaged area using scissors.
    Reconnect the two ends using simple continuous runs of suture (at least two to avoid a purse string effect). Absorbable suture is probably wise.

Postoperative care




Major reefing on a bull




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