Eye surgery


Entropion is identified in some neonatal foals and often in lambs. The eyelids fold inward and the eyelashes rub on the cornea. Affected animals present with epiphora.

calf with epiphora due to entropion

Most animals will outgrow the issue; treatment is just to prevent problems until the deformity resolves. Long acting penicillin may be injected subcutaneously to create swelling in the lower lid. This will roll out the eyelid and the drug will be absorbed over time. However, this isn’t ideal use of antibiotics.

In lambs, tacking sutures are often used to roll out the lower lid temporarily.  Yes, this is not a lamb.

Entropion is a common problem in adult, overweight pot bellied pigs. Many become even more aggressive because they can’t see well. These animals require surgery to remove the fat pad and realign the eyelids.





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