LA Respiratory Issues

Practice Endoscopy 1

Level C

Bugsy 1

“Bugsy” is a 2 yo Thoroughbred racehorse. He is not living up this potential and is making noise when racing. You are asked to evaluate him and identify treatment options.

Your boss just bought a scope so you pull it out and scope the horse:

For comparison, this one is normal:

normal-epiglottis is scalloped and vessels visible; Bugsy - epiglottis covered with a sleeve of tissue

What does the epiglottis do?  How and when does it move?


Noise is caused by narrowed airways or vibrating structures (think heart murmurs).
What type of noise would you expect from this lesion?

  1. No noise
  2. Vibration – > noise
  3. Narrrowed airway -> noise

How would you confirm your hypothesis?

You find :

What treatment would you recommend to the owner? Use lay terminology as if you were speaking to the client.

What treatment did you not recommend to the owner? Why did you skip that one?

What resource did you use for this question?



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