Equine Colic Types

Small colon lesions

imagePredispositions to disease

-smaller diameter than colon = site of  obstruction of stones and fecoliths

-mesentery (and vascular supply) can tear off  with extensive rectal prolapse ; this means the bowel dies



Small colon disorders characterized by :

  1. mild signs of pain – usually simple obstruction; younger horses can seem pretty painful
  2. slow deterioration in condition

Even with vascular compromise, initial transient signs of severe abdominal pain -> depression and less severe pain

3.  associated with greater risk of Salmonellosis

Arabs, minis, and ponies are predisposed to small colon lesions (better able to maintain hydration by removing water from ingesta?)

Poor area for healing

  • high mural collagenase
  • poor blood supply
  • high bacterial counts
  • firm formed manure passes by


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