Female urogenital surgery

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Occasionally a prolapsed uterus is too damaged to replace or just won’t go back in. These can be amputated. Be aware that other tissues can prolapse into with the uterus- intestines or bladder may be within the prolapse prior to amputation. Per a UMN graduate – two Callicrate banders work well and are more efficient than suturing!

Uterine neoplasia is a relatively common reason for hysterectomy in pigs, both full sized (rescue groups) and potbellied. Clinical signs typically include vaginal discharge, inappetance, weight loss and lethargy. Tumor types were similar but prognosis was more guarded for full sized pigs due to metastasis (delayed diagnosis) and intraoperative hemorrhage (increased vascularity and difficulty with fluid resuscitation using just auricular veins).  Pigs that survived short term had similar long term survival rates.


McOnie et al. Surgical treatment of uterine neoplasia in 13 production size pigs with a comparison to pot‐bellied pigs. Vet Surg 2021-10, Vol.50 (7), p.1434-1442




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