Food Animal Drug Regulations

Navigating FARAD

Open up a browser window and go to  FARAD has given the site a major overhaul. There are now many species specific links included on many pages and as quick links!

See the video tour

I use the following tabs


Useful for finding info on FDA approved drugs used in the FDA approved species and by the FDA approved route at the FDA approved dose.

I also use it to find out what is available that fits those guidelines. I should start with those options!

WDI lookup

I use this tab when I want to not quite follow FDA guidelines. Different species, different route, different dose but in a relatively standard way (eg PPG at the 22000 IU/kg dose vs the 12000 IU/kg dose that is on the label


Prohibited drugs

Use this tab next if you can’t find your drug under the first two sections
Contact FARAD

Email them if you don’t find the drug on the site. Get advice on future plans or what has already been done

My approach to FARAD- downloadable version

Use the following exercises to help you get more comfortable with the site.

As you work through these, also try to differentiate between

  • FDA approved drugs
  • non-FDA approved drugs with recommended withholding times
  • drugs that can be used under AMDUCA guidelines, with or without recommended withholding times
  • drugs that cannot be used in food animals or certain food animal groups regardless

Guide to FARAD Resources, JAVMA 2017


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