1.1 Chapter Objectives

Learning Objectives

Our primary goal for this chapter is for you to gain an understanding of the basic elements of the scientific process—from asking questions that can be addressed by observation and experimentation to interpreting data to making evidence-based recommendations. By the end of your reading and our in-class discussion, you will be able to:

  1. Define the following terms:
    • hypothesis
    • experiment
    • controlled variables
    • prediction
    • independent variable
    • dependent variable
    • scientific theory
    • control group
  2. Explain the distinctions between a question, a hypothesis, and a prediction.
  3. Explain the distinction between hypothesis and theory.
  4. Describe examples in which correlation does not necessarily imply causation.
  5. Evaluate data in light of a stated hypothesis.
  6. Given a specific example, draw conclusions based on evidence.



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