49 Weight loss exercises

Challenge exercises


  • How do veterinary therapies for intestinal diseases compare to humans?
  • What are the signs of cobalamin deficiency?
  • How are serum MMA tests used to evaluate cobalamin deficiencies?
  • How and when do we supplement cobalamin?
  • Why is calcium low in animals with protein losing enteropathy?

Small animal

  • How do diets impact cobalamin levels? folate?
  • Explain lymphangiectasia induced weight loss in dogs
  • Explain hyperthyroidism induced weight loss in cats
  • Explain lymphoma induced weight loss
  • How does histoplasmosis lead to weight loss?
  • What are the therapies for protein losing enteropathies in small animals?


  • How does Johne’s disease induce weight loss?
  • How do we evaluate microbial function? (sedimentation rate, methylene blue reduction)
  • What causes pregnancy toxemia and how is it managed?


  • How does coccidiosis induce weight loss?


  • What are common causes of weight loss in horses?
  • How might abdominal fluid help with diagnosis of weight loss causes?
  • How effective are rectal biopsies at diagnosing weight loss causes?
  • What is killing Sable Island feral horses?
  • How is maldigestion evaluated in horses? foals?


  • What are common causes of weight loss and how are they diagnosed?


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