34 Additional resources


Gastrointestinal physiology – great overview for those that want more in depth material-slideshow

Gastrointestinal physiology -another great review in text form

The enteric nervous system – more succinct version of the enteric nervous system

Control of the GIT – Khan academy

How can nutrition help with gastrointestinal-based issues? – Vet Clin Equine 37 (2021) 63–87. horses and how we can avoid impacting their health

Digestion and absorption

Veterinary hematology and clinical chemistry, Thrall – free ebook through UMN library; very useful for diagnostics

Digestive regulation part I – Gastrin – regulation, neurotransmitters etc

Chemical digestion and absorption – brief, useful overview.

Protein digestion – includes biochemistry

Carbohydrates and sugars  – more biochemistry and good explanations of different types of sugars

Fats – ditto for fats

Absorption – more by lumenlearning

Absorption of nutrients, Khan Academy

Zymogen activation, Khan Academy

The horses digestive system and how it can fail – if you are really into horses, feed company sponsored

Gastric control

Three phases of gastric secretion


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