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Note : The zuku questions are designed for year 4 students. You will need to look stuff up for most of those; don’t panic please.

Gastric ulcer trivia quiz


Challenge Exercises – Diarrhea


  • Review drugs used to treat diarrhea – how do they work?
  • Use the DAMNIT-V scheme to classify causes of diarrhea for your favorite species
  • What tests are available for particular diarrhea causing agents affecting your favorite species ?
  • Do probiotics work in your favorite species? If so, which ones?
  • Create a decision tree to determine cause of diarrhea
  • Contrast Campylobacter, Salmonella, Clostridium, E coli and fungal diarrheas
  • What dietary deficiencies could be associated with chronic diarrhea?


  • How is albumin and cobalamin used to give prognoses?
  • Is vomiting more likely associated with SI or LI diarrhea? Why?
  • What constitutes a bland diet?
  • Explain the immunology behind inflammatory bowel disease.
  • How can exercise help IBD?


  • What constitutes a bland diet?
  • How does hyperthyroidism cause diarrhea?


  • What are the risk factors for Salmonellosis in hospitalized horses?
  • How does Biosponge work?
  • Horses can develop high levels of blood ammonia with diarrhea. How does this happen?
  • Coronavirus issues are expanding in the equine world. What does infection with coronavirus look like?


  • We worry about hospitalized cattle shedding diarrhea causing bugs. Which do we worry¬† about?
  • Explain BVD-mucosal disease
  • Outline calf hood diarrhea diseases by age group
  • How do you know which oral rehydration formula to choose? What are alkalinizing agents?
  • Which will take longer to recover from? Rotavirus or coronavirus? Why?


  • Outline causes of swine diarrhea by age group
  • Which diarrheal diseases also have high death rates?


  • Guinea pigs are prone to enteritis if fed the wrong diet. What is the correct diet and what mechanism is related to the inappropriate diet?



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