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Try out your knowledge! To find more resources to help you with these, try the first tab of this section. Do NOT try to answer them all but pick 1-3 to reinforce the lessons and help you consolidate material in your brain.

Challenge questions- research and explain a few of these to a friend or relation to boost your understanding and retention

  • General:

    Explain the actions of drugs used for gastric ulcers. Are there complications associated with their use?

    • peptobismol
    • sucralfate
    • famotidine, ranitidine, cimetidine
    • omeprazole, pantoprazole
    • misoprostol

    What are other side effects of NSAIDs?

    Create a diagnostic decision tree based on colors of vomitus or poo for your favorite species


    Besides NSAIDs, what are other causes of abomasal ulcers in cattle?

    How are bleeding ulcers treated in cattle? perforating ulcers?

    What clinical signs are associated?

    Instead of the vomitus, we can check rumen fluid in cattle. How is rumen fluid analyzed?


    What are risk factors for EGUS in horses?

    Explain the difference between glandular and non-glandular ulcers

    What are common preventatives for gastric ulcers in horses?

    What clinical signs are associated?

    Why do we not see steatorrhea in horses?

    Small animal

    Besides NSAIDs, what are other causes of ulcers in dogs? cats?

    What is the role of Helicobacter in small animal gastric ulcers?

    Explain the relation of gastrinomas and mast cell tumors with gastric ulcers.

    How do bile salts help to digest fats?

    What are the clinical signs associated with steatorrhea?


    What are signs of C3 ulcers in camelids?

    How are ulcers treated? Do oral medications work?

Play along with the Brainscoop podcast – what’s the function? 


Practice scat matching for your wildlife hikes! Purely for fun. Not on a test.


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