21 Resources for Pancreatitis and Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency


Pancreatic function– good video overview

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in dogs and cats, JAVMA | FEBRUARY 2024 | VOL 262 | NO. 2- really nice review of all things EPI

Pancreatitis in dogs, VIN, reviewed 2018

Pancreatitis in dogs and cats, DVM 360, 2011- discusses changes over the past few years and challenges with cats

Exocrine pancreas – Khan academy – basic but good review of earlier material too

Control of the GIT-digestion and motility put together- Khan academy – really nice to come back to

New insights into the etiology, risk factors, and pathogenesis of pancreatitis in dogs: Potential impacts on clinical practice– J Vet Intern Med. 2022;36:847–864. Nice overview of causes and pathophysiology

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency – quick explanation of human version

Advanced Physio

Pancreas, clinical anatomy and physiology– good discussion of CCK and secretin (6 minute mark)

Pancreas, liver and duodenum working together – little longer but well done

Chronic (and acute) pancreatitis -Osmosis

Just for fun

Causes of vomiting – secondary GI – Washington State

Diagnosis of pancreatitis in dogs and cats – JSAP, 2015; latest and greatest

A Multi‐Institutional Study Evaluating the Diagnostic Utility of the Spec cPL and SNAP® cPL in Clinical Acute Pancreatitis in 84 Dogs, JVIM 2012

Fecal markers of inflammation, protein loss, and microbial changes in dogs with the acute hemorrhagic diarrhea syndrome (AHDS), JVECC 2017

Resources for pancreatitis– DVM 360 related articles

Pancreatic insufficiency in people – can you add the physio? How does it compare to animals?



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