23 Study Questions


  1. What is the first pass effect and why do we care?
  2. Explain bioavailability and enterohepatic recirculation.
  3. Why is it difficult to extrapolate drug metabolism information across species?
  4. How would low albumin levels affect drug activity?
  5. What is cytochrome P450 and how is it regulated by drugs?
  6. What stimulates gall bladder contraction?
  7. Explain the tests used to identify liver damage and assess liver function.
  8. How much liver needs to be destroyed before we see changes in liver tests?
  9. Why are albumin and clotting factors useful for assessing liver function?
  10. What causes a jaundiced appearance?
  11. What are causes of elevated bilirubin levels? What types are there?
  12. Match the likely elevated liver damage and liver function tests with unconjugated or conjugated bilirubin levels.


  1. What enzymes are produced by the pancreas normally?
  2. What is autodigestion?
  3. What causes autodigestion/ pancreatitis?
  4. What are clinical signs associated with acute pancreatitis?
  5. How do we diagnose pancreatitis?
  6. What clinical signs might you see if the exocrine pancreas is destroyed?
  7. What would the poo look like with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)?
  8. How do we diagnose EPI?
  9. What nutrient deficiencies are associated with EPI?
  10. How is it treated?
  11. How is pernicious anemia associated with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency? What other diseases is it associated with?

Liver shunts, hepatic lipidosis and feline triaditis

  1. Explain liver shunts. What liver tests would be abnormal?
  2. What is medical treatment of liver shunts designed to accomplish? Surgery?
  3. Explain hepatic lipidosis
  4. What are the risk factors for hepatic lipidosis? How can it be prevented?
  5. What liver tests would be abnormal?
  6. What are the goals of treatment?
  7. Explain feline triaditis.
  8. What is the anatomy that predisposes to triaditis? How does it create issues?
  9. What liver tests would be abnormal?
  10. What are the goals of treatment?

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