10 Resources for Liver disease

Advanced Physiology

Veterinary hematology and clinical chemistry, Thrall – free ebook through UMN library; very useful for diagnostics

Bilirubin, eclinpath- veterinary

Hepatic safety of antibiotics used in primary care, 2011, human and TB oriented but nice summary

Just for fun

Xylitol toxicity – Merck

Liver disease song, human version

Approach to the jaundiced cat, 2015

The yellow cat, Todays veterinary practice

Causes of equine hepatic disease, DVM 360, 2009

Equine liver in health and disease, The Horse, 2016

Genetic disorders in sheep, 1990 VCNA – includes congenital bilirubin issues

Grapefruit and medications– more cytochrome P450

Rifampin and contraceptives – this one makes sense now

Porcine circovirus infections-Vet Path, 2000

Cholecystitis in people – Osmosis

Copper toxicity Рsheep get copper toxicity; no idea of related pathophysiology


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