Dr. Jan McCulloch, former Family Social Science department head, said ‘yes’ when we asked her if we could develop and teach a graduate course on immigrant and refugee families, the course in which the ideas for this textbook were born. We didn’t know where it would take us, but she trusted our instincts and supported our dreams for this course and this work. We thank her for her outstanding leadership and support.

We thank all of the graduate students, community collaborators, and expert contributors who created and refined this text.

We thank the University of Minnesota Libraries staff, particularly Shane Nackerud and Kristi Jensen, for exploring new teaching resource strategies. They helped create a vision of how our textbook could be used in innovative ways, provided all of the technical and online layout and editing work, and awarded us a Partnership for Affordable Content grant that brought this text to fruition.


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Immigrant and Refugee Families, 2nd Ed. Copyright © 2019 by Jaime Ballard, Elizabeth Wieling, Catherine Solheim, and Lekie Dwanyen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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