Subsequent Productions

Hong Kong Production

The opera was performed at the Hong Kong Arts Festival March 16 and 17, as a joint production between the San Francisco Opera and the Hong Kong Arts Festival.

Reviews of Hong Kong Production

Peter Gordon review of opera in HKELD

Fang Bo review of opera in IATC, Hong Kong (in Chinese)

Theater Times review

Press Notices on Hong Kong Production

Article by Carla Escoda, in Bachtrack, March 16, 2017

Article in (Hong Kong) City Guide on soprano Amanda Li

“Dream” tours China!

“Dream of the Red Chamber” was performed in three Chinese cities in September of 2017–in Beijing at the Poly Theater on Sept. 8 and 9; in Changsha at the Meixihu International Culture and Arts Center on Sept. 15 and 16, and in Wuhan at the Qin Tai Theater on Sept. 22 and 23.

Bright Sheng, who composed the opera and co-wrote the libretto with David Henry Hwang, will conduct at all six performances in China.

Press Notices for Beijing, Changsha, Wuhan Productions

The links below are to media reports of the opera prior to the performance, in Chinese and international media.  Most of the articles give brief synopsis of the opera.  Some, as indicated below, are particularly interested in the question of how Chinese audiences will respond to an English-language opera based on a beloved Chinese classic.

An article in Weixin (in Chinese) about the China tour. The article has photographs of the artistic team and some interesting photographs of rehearsals.

An article in Xinhua (in English) discussing the Beijing performance.

San Jose Mercury article on the San Francisco Opera version of “Red Chamber” in China. The article includes short video clips from the San Francisco performance.

Broadway News talks about the China tour and provides some information about the performers–some of the cast is the same as in the San Francisco performance, but there are several new performers.

A thoughtful piece in CGTN about the process of adapting the novel and questions about how Chinese audiences will respond. The article includes photographs from the San Francisco production, as well as from the 2010 television show based on the novel.

Sam Duckett talks in a video about the opera coming to China.  The video includes clips from the San Francisco production and interviews with Wray Armstrong. Duckett also raises the question of how Chinese audiences will respond to the opera.

Brief press notices about the tour appear in YOMYOMFInternational Arts Manager  and Operawire.

A short article in Visit Beijing about the China tour.

This article in the Financial Times talks about the Changsha performance and relates some of the complexities of mounting the production. (The article is behind a paywall.)

Reviews of Beijing Performance

Xinhua review of Beijing performance, Sept.8 (in Chinese).

Summary (by Pearl Bergad) of press releases and reviews of China tour.


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