Chapter 3: How Plants Grow, Part 1

The organization of the plant is not unlike that of our own bodies. At the simplest level, cells are organized into tissues; these form organs that make up the plant body. At each level of this organization are specializations for the specific functions that occur during the plant’s life cycle. In this chapter, you’ll explore the structures and functions of leaves, shoots, and roots.


Seedlings growing in peat pots.
Each part of a plant — from tiny root hairs to the concealed buds — contributes uniquely to the overall growth of the plant. Pixabay. Pixabay license


Learning objectives

  • Identify the unique features that distinguish shoots, leaves, and roots.
  • Describe ways in which stolons and rhizomes are modified stems.
  • Identify the types and parts of the major shoots, leaves, and roots.


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