Chapter 3. Common Native Grasses of the Northern Midwest

3.5 Lake sedge, hairy sedge

Lake sedge in a wetland. Photo courtesy of Peter Dzuik of Minnesota Wildflowers.

Carex lacustris

Cool season; Perennial

Characteristics: 1–4’; open upright; foliage green; flowers yellow-green

Growing Conditions: moist to wet soils; full sun to heavy shade; standing water tolerant; hardy zones 3–7

Lake sedge is a colony-forming sedge with strong rhizomes. For this reason, it is good for stabilizing river banks and lake shores, but may be aggressive.

No nativars are currently available. The plant is not widely available, but can be found at native garden centers.

Species that feed on lake/hairy sedge according to the literature are Dion skipper (Euphyes dion), Dukes’ skipper (Euphyes dukesi), sedge witch (Euphyes vestris), marsh eyed brown (Satyrodes eurydice), Appalachian brown (Satyrodes appalachia), and broad-winged skipper (Poanes viator).


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