Capítulo 2: Marketing

2.7.6: Conjunciones adverbiales y el indicativo

The following conjunctions always use the indicative:

Puesto que=since, because of
Ahora que=since, because of
Ya que=since, because of

Acronym: PAY

As stated on the previous page (2.7.5) the time relationship between the two clauses in this kind of sentence already happened.

“Because of the rain, we need to cancel the game”.
Ya que llueve, tenemos que cancelar el partido.

The action that occurs in the subordinate clause (the rain) causes whatever occurs in the independent clause (cancelling the game).

Here is an example from a text in this chapter:

From “El hombre que inventó la moda rápida (section 2.5: logística y la cadena de suministros)
Minute 3:03: “Esta estrategia es brillante ya que se alinea con el error sicológico de la escasez”

English: This is a brilliant strategy since it aligns with the psychological heuristic of scarcity.”

Section 2.8: ¿Por qué las grandes marcas no pueden copiar a Zara?

“pero si embargo muy inteligente ya que consigue que las personas compren por impulso”



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