Capítulo 2: Marketing

2.4.4: Gramática-por y para

As you’ve already been told, these two prepositions are difficult because they both translate into English as the same word.  That means that when we learn to use these prepositions, we need to learn a new way of looking at an action.




However, “for” has several meanings in English.  When you learn to look at the different meaning of “for”, it becomes easier to differentiate por and para.

Por=movement through, on behalf of, time

Para=destination, deadlines, purpose, recipients



Por Para
Voy por el parque

I’m going through the park (movement through)

Voy para el parque

I’m going to the park


Lo hice por ti

I made it for you/I made it on your behalf

(on behalf of)

Lo hice para ti

I did it for you (you are receiving the thing)


El concierto va a ser por dos horas

The concert is going to be for two hours


Necesito el informe para mañana

I need the report for tomorrow (deadline)

Estudio para poder entender mejor español

I study so that I can understand Spanish better (purpose)


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