Capítulo 2: Marketing

2.7.4: Gramática-el subjuntivo en cláusulas adjetivas

The next kind of clause that uses the subjunctive is the adjectival clause.  If you have guessed that this kind of clause is one that functions as an adjective, you are right!  Now, what’s an adjective? It’s a word that describes a person, place, or thing. In an adjectival clause, the entire clause is describing a person place or thing.  Empecemos con los ejemplos…


She’s a tall woman

Es una mujer alta


This example has one verb, and one main clause. The adjective is tall/alta because it describes the woman.  When we add a second clause, we can describe specific, definite things or we can describe non-specific things, or things that we might have in the future.  Sometimes this is called existing versus not-existing things. If that name is clear for you, please use it. If it’s not, think about it in the ways described above.


I need to talk to the guy who speaks Chinese (this is a known person)

Necesito hablar con el tipo que habla chino

I need to talk to someone who speaks Chinese (there are people in the world who speak Chinese, but I am not asking to talk to a specific person.)

Necesito hablar con alguien que hable chino


I want an apartment that’s close to the university (any nearby apartment works, not a specific one)

Quiero un apartamento que esté cerca de la universidad


I want the apartment that’s close to the university (I am talking about a specific apartment)

Quiero el apartamento que está cerca de la universidad.

Task 1:

Go back to sections 2.3, 2.5, or 2.6 and re-read or re-listen to the texts. Find three examples of adjectival clauses from these texts and add them to your homework document.  For your homework submission, please explain why each adjectival clause uses indicative or subjunctive.



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