5: Woodland Improvement Practices

Additional Resources: Woodland Improvement Practices

Online Resources

  • Pruning Trees and Shrubs (University of Minnesota Extension). This site describes the reasons for pruning trees and shrubs, the different pruning approaches, the best times of year to prune, and more.
  • Best management practices to prevent and minimize the spread of invasives (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources). A detailed website for managing invasives related to forest stewardship planning, forest access, reforestation and revegetation, wildlife habitat management, fire management, and transport of woody material.
  • Invasive Plants (USDA Forest Service). This website describes the impacts of invasive plant species, with particular emphasis on federal lands.
  • Invasive Species in Minnesota (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources). This website provides links to short publications describing invasive, terrestrial animals and plants and aquatic animals, diseases, and plants. For each species there is a description of the problem it causes, how to identify the species, and where to report sightings or what to do about it.
  • Timber Stand Improvement: A Guide for Improving your Woodlot by Cutting Firewood (Missouri Department of Conservation). This document describes timber stand improvement, including guidelines for tree selection.
  • Tree Thinning 101 (American Forest Foundation). This article describes the processes, benefits, economics, timing, and steps to hire professional help to assist with woodland thinnings.
  • Technical Guide to Crop Tree Release in Hardwood Forests (University of Tennessee Extension). A detailed guide to the crop tree management in hardwood stands. Discusses different crop tree management approaches for a variety of management objectives, including wildlife, water quality, aesthetics, and timber production. Also includes investment analyses and growth response evaluation tools.

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