10: Management and Marketing of Nontimber Forest Products

Online resources

  • Harvester Handbook (University of Minnesota Extension)
    This resource demonstrates the breadth and diversity of useful natural resources found in and around Minnesota’s woodlands and forests throughout the year. The book features information divided into seasons: Spring (maple syrup, fiddlehead ferns, yellow morels), Summer (birch bark, multiple mushroom species, wild rice), Fall (balsam boughs, tree cones & seeds, pine, dogwood and fall mushrooms) and Winter (Basswood, Chaga and firewood). The book includes basic tenets of harvesting and helpful fact sheets on each species and provides a point of entry to the world of natural resource gathering that can be used in conjunction with other plant identification resources.
  • Center for Integrated Natural Resource and Agricultural Management (University of Minnesota)
    This Center offers research-based publications and events for landowners and professionals describing how to integrate forestry and agricultural land uses on the landscape.
  • Special Forest Products Information (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)

    This website provides information on opportunities in special forest products including: decorative greenery, dried florals and ornamentals, herbs and medicinal, decorative woods, cones, and smokewoods; a harvest to market directory; economic opportunity for redcedar essential oil; and fact sheets about harvesting birch tops, cedar materials, willow stems, balsam boughs, birch bark, spruce tops and other products.

  • Assessment of nontimber forest products in the United States under changing conditions (USDA Forest Service)

This document assesses the state of knowledge regarding NTFP science and management information for U.S. forests and rangelands and provides information for managing nontimber forest resources in the United States.


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