8: Marketing Timber

Additional Resources: Marketing Timber

Online Resources

  •  Contracts for Woodland Owners (Oregon State University Extension Service). This publication describes the basic principles of contract law as applied to woodland planting, growth, maintenance, and harvest; road construction, maintenance, and repair; and selling logs and timber.
  • Hiring a Consulting Forester (University of Wisconsin–Madison). This publication describes what a consulting forester is, why hire one, what services a consultant can provide, how to find a consultant, basis for consultant fees, what you should do before meeting a consultant, what questions to ask, check references and get a contract in writing.
  • You’ve Been Asked to Sell Your Timber: What Do You Do Next? (Michigan State University Extension). This publication briefly describes the timber sale process: should you harvest, actively market your timber, determine what to sell, advertise, prepare a contract, and inspect the sale.
  • Timber Sale Bids (Michigan State University Extension). This publication shows the financial benefits of seeking more than one bid for a timber sale and encourages landowners to seek professional help when marketing timber.
  • Timber Sale Contracts (Michigan State University Extension). This 12-page publication presents a sample timber sale contract with various items that should be considered by the seller when negotiating the terms of the contract. The items presented include those which are “essential,” “important considerations,” and “special provisions.”
  • Understanding the Sample Timber Sale Contract (University of Wisconsin-Extension). This publication describes and clarifies a sample timber sale contract. The sample contract suggests key elements for inclusion in an agreement.


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