7: Forest Health

Additional Resources: Forest Health

Online Resources

  • Emerald Ash Borer. This is a comprehensive website managed by federal and state governments for all states with links to state specific information. It describes damage, identification, where to report possible sightings, how to slow its spread, and much more.
  • Firewise Communities (National Fire Protection Association). This website offers publications, videos and training to landowners and communities on how to manage the landscape around your home or community to prevent wildfires and their spread. It’s an excellent resource for those with a home or cabin in the woods.
  • Midwest Invasive Plant Network. The MIPN works with partners in the upper Midwestern states and this website has a number of useful resources on specific invasive plants and their control methods.
  • Invasive Species in Minnesota (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources). This website provides links to short publications describing invasive, terrestrial animals and plants and aquatic animals, diseases, and plants. For each species there is a description of the problem it causes, how to identify the species, and where to report sightings or what to do about it.
  • Best management practices to prevent and minimize the spread of invasives (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources). This website describes best management practices for forestry that help reduce the impact of invasive species, including invasive plants, insects and diseases.
  • What You Can Do to Control Buckthorn! (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources). This webpage describes how to control small and large buckthorn plants by uprooting plants, cutting, or treating with herbicides. Specific tools and herbicides are recommended.
  • What’s Wrong with My Plant? (University of Minnesota Extension). This diagnostic guide helps landowners diagnose problems on trees, shrubs, and garden plants that may be caused by insects, diseases, and nonliving factors.

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