12.6 Exercises

Exercises at the end of the chapter are designed to strengthen your understanding and retention of the information recently acquired in the chapter.

Essay Questions

Write several paragraphs to provide more in-depth analysis and consideration when answering the following questions.

  1. Describe an activity that would require an RFP and why it should be handled with an RFP instead of a RFQ or a partnership.
  2. Describe a procurement task. Rate it for the amount of uncertainty of the scope, cost, schedule, and risk. Choose a contract type and explain why that contract type would be an appropriate choice for that set of uncertainties.
  3. Describe requirements of a particular quality method, and describe how a postproject review would meet that standard.


The exercises in this section are designed to promote exchange of information among students in the classroom or in an online discussion. The exercises are more open ended, which means that what you find might be completely different from what your classmates find, and you can all benefit by sharing what you have learned.

  1. Research the document retention standards at an organization of your choice that apply to normal business records. Describe how those standards would or would not meet the needs of project document archival. Be prepared to compare the standards of the organization you described with those described by your classmates.
  2. Describe a situation with which you are familiar where conflicts arose over completion of punch list items or fixing items to complete a project.


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