Useful tech and online resources Y1-Y3


There are more books than you can afford, more apps than your phone can hold and lots of advice. Talk to other students and get used books and referrals. The following are from a Class of 2019 member.

CVM resources

The Veterinary medicine library has ebooks on many topics and most journals. If they don’t have it, visit Mr. Nault (our librarian) and he can help find it.

VetPAC coaches can help directly and probably know lots of additional resources

UMN CVM Academic Resources

Other Resources

“Dog and Cat Dissection Guide, A Regional Approach” Pasquini, Pasquini

  • If you buy one thing for vet school, make it this book!! It was required for my anatomy 1 class, and I have used it every single semester of vet school. Unlike many other anatomy books, it tells you the clinical significance of everything. It is so easy to get bogged down first year in the minutia, and if you can get your brain thinking clinically from day 1, you’ll be in good shape. It is also an investment for the rest of your career, you will use it in several future classes, studying for boards, and your career in practice. I would give you mine but I refuse to ever give it up 😉

Viral Vet

  • Iphone app where veterinary professionals can post cool cases. It’s basically instagram for people in the profession.

Zuku Review & VetPrep

  • Sign up for the NAVLE practice question of the day to be emailed to you! Seems ridiculous to start studying for boards so early, but now that mine are creeping up on me, I at least have a backlog of old practice questions that I saved from over the years!

Neuropetvet website-

  • Neurology is one of the most challenging parts of vet school (in my opinion), this website has a huge variety of cases, videos, articles and teaching tools. It’s free for vet students! Take advantage!

Plumbs Veterinary Drug Handbook

  • I never bought the actual book, but I do know many vet students do. I just signed up on their website for basically all the same information, another one that’s free for vet students!

Merck Manual

  • Great for a quick explanation of disease states/conditions. Puts Pathogenesis, Clinical Picture, Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment in just a few pages.

Colorado Anatomy Website-

  • Free, and a must have for first year

Illinois Imaging

  • Also free, really helpful for learning normals first year

  • Great practice cases for when you start abnormals in radiology

VIN – Veterinary Information Network

  • has formularies, financial calculators and lots of resources

For clinical epidemiology

Other apps

  • Foal CPR, an app that details at-birth CPR for foals.
  • Hagyard Pharmacy Mobile Formulary, an app that contains equine drug indications, dose, route, and frequency.
  • Vetivex Flow Rate Calculator, an app that calculates IV fluid requirements and infusion rates.


Other resources




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