I’m expecting a child!


For many, vet school often coincides with a time in when students may consider starting a family. When expecting a child, planning can especially help lessen school-related stress.

Students may opt to take a leave of absence from vet school. Students should consider their own wishes regarding graduation date, their physiologic adaptation to the pregnancy and delivery, their support at home, and the time they wish to spend with the child/children soon after birth.

For all, family and medicine become a balancing act, and some are not motivated to undertake the challenge. You are the only one who can make the decision about if and/or when to have a family.

Things to Consider

  • Speak to one of the faculty in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs  to develop a plan of how to manage school responsibilities during the pregnancy. The Office of Academic and Student Affairs wants to support you.
  • When necessary, inform faculty if your due date may coincide with a scheduled exam or required instructional session so that alternative plans can be developed in advance.
  • Prior to the delivery, talk with your family and friends so that you have a clear and accurate picture of the support you’ll have at home.
  • If you are interested in having a babysitter, begin looking early.
  • Remember to make time for regular visits to your physician for prenatal care during vet school.
  • Consider speaking with other veterinarians or veterinary students who are mothers or fathers to gain a perspective of how they balance academic demands and family life. Feel free to ask the Office of  Academic and Student Affairs for people you can contact.
  • Discuss with the Office of Academic and Student Affairs options for nursing or expressing breast milk while on campus.
  • Find ways to support your spouse throughout the experience.
  • See section on Being a Parent During Vet school.

People to Talk to with Concerns about Expecting a Child


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