Being Safe on Campus

“One of the things that was great was having someone from security escort me off the campus after a late night of studying with just a phone call.”

JABSOM 1993 Graduate


Campus safety is an important issue for all veterinary students. Vet students often find themselves in the Library, classroom, or student center until very late in the evening. Current statistics show that 1 in 8 college women are victims of rape. The health and safety of our students is extremely important and should be a shared priority for each UMN CVM student.

Safety Strategies

  • Travel in lighted areas and in pairs.
  • Be sure to keep the doors to the study rooms and lounges locked at all times.
  • Let others know when you expect to be home.
  • Call campus police (911) immediately if you see strangers loitering, doors or windows open or broken, people loading valuables into private vehicles, or strangers appearing to go from door to door in the building.
  • When studying on campus, especially in the evening, study in pairs or groups.
  • Ask for escort to your car if you feel unsafe. UMN-  public safety campus escort  624-WALK
    • Malone and Madill’s son used to work for the walk service – they are happy to be busy especially when assigned to St Paul duty

Additional Resources

More campus safety tips

Emergency notifications

Final Thoughts

Make the safety of all members of the CVM family a priority. Look out for each other. Do all that you can to help each other be safe.


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