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Housing Resources for CVM Students

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In order to find the most convenient living space, the following key words may help in your rental search:
 For Minneapolis and the surrounding area: “Minneapolis”, “Dinkytown”, “Loring Park”, “Seward”, “Tangletown”, “Uptown”
 For Saint Paul and the surrounding area: “Saint Paul”, “Saint Anthony Village”, “Saint Anthony Park”, “Como Park”, “Falcon Heights”,
“Lauderdale”, “Rosedale”
 For both: “Twin Cities Metro Area”
You can expect to find rent averages in the Twin Cities to be between $600-1000 per month for a single person dwelling, and $400-800 per month (per person) for a shared unit (2+ occupants).

Apartment Ratings Website
A site that features a database of rental property ratings (you search by city and state). Since tenants (both past and current) give their opinions about sites and their management, you can gain a sense of your potential interest in a place before you pursue rental options.

Before you sign, read the Guide on Avoiding Predatory Leases

Rental Insurance:
1) Liberty Mutual
2) Progressive 
3) State Farm Insurance
4) Geico
5) Allstate 

6) Farmers insurance


Utility Set Up:
Centerpoint Energy (Natural Gas Provider) –
Xcel Energy (Electric Provider) –

City of Minneapolis Website –
Provides you with a great overview of life in Minneapolis; you can find transit resources here, set up your city utility bills, as well as find the most recent news happening in the city under the “News and Events” section. One particularly helpful tool focuses on public safety- you can search crime maps and statistics by precinct and neighborhood, which can help you to pick the safest location to rent in:

City of Saint Paul Website –
For detailed info about living in Saint Paul, choose: “Government” from the blue bar at the top of the page, then click on “Marketing”, and “Live in St.Paul ”. This section will provide you with a number of helpful resources; such as housing information, voting guides, and health and safety resources. Through the city’s website, you can also search crime maps by neighborhood, which can help you to pick the safest location to rent in:

Veterans can also access resources through the UMN/veterans site

Please note that the University of Minnesota does not have an affiliation with any of the organizations featured this resource guide. The inclusion of any rental property or resource on a list maintained by the University of Minnesota does not constitute a warranty or representation by the University as to the quality, reliability, safety or other features of such service or property and/or its owner(s) or management agent(s). The University expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for problems which may arise with regard to resources used, or properties or with regard to disputes between landlords and tenants concerning such properties or rental units.


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