Getting around the vet school, UMN campus and the twin cities

The twin cities are growing up and have more ways to get around. It is possible to see a lot of the city using public transit. The vet school buildings, on the other hand, can be challenging.

Veterinary buildings

There are 3 buildings, all with similar names + the Pomeroy building and Diagnostic(D) lab. If you can’t find your room, it is probably in a different building

Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine– This building houses the first and second year classrooms, the active learning classroom and anatomy. The main floor is the first level and is up the ramp from the 3rd floor of the veterinary medical center.  The VBS (basic sciences) department faculty live here and in Veterinary Science.

_Veterinary Medical Center_Map– This building houses the small animal clinic, occasional cows in the large animal hospital, student surgery, and the Zone. The VCS (small animal) faculty live on the third and fourth floors. The VPM (large animal and population medicine) faculty  live on the second floor.  Most of the first floor is storage with one small bit being LA isolation.

Veterinary Science – This building is across the parking lot on the south side of the VMC. It can be reached by a walkway that goes past the VCS office area. The walkway takes you to the third floor. The second floor is ground level and, once again, the first floor is “garden” level and below ground.  The library and some good study areas are on the fourth floor. If war breaks out, this building does qualify as a bomb shelter. Well – it used to.

Pomeroy building – The barn like building is not connected to any other building, a rarity on this campus. The third year classrooms and Academic and Student Services live here. For some unknown reason, the main level is called the first floor.

Diagnostic lab – the blue building on the corner of Commonwealth and Gortner is the Dlab. It has some really handy meeting rooms so you may go there for meetings in year 1 to year 3. It is connected to the VMC via the second floors in each of the buildings. Or just go outside and in the front door of the Dlab.


UMN Twin Cities campuses

When catching the bus to the other campus, you want the Connector (connecting campuses), NOT the Circulator (circling a single campus). You can take the circulator to the the student union or fairgrounds stop to catch the connector.

Campus Bus routes, maps and times


Getting around the twin cities

Metro Transit
Provides transit information for the Twin Cities metro area. Stop by the website to check out regular bus route schedules, use the “trip planner” feature, and find out more info on the Hiawatha Line light rail service. You can also call in to the number provided to get information on routes when you don’t have internet access.



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