16.8 PR: Clarify Message Task

Your discussion with the Executive Director would include seeking the answers to these questions:

  • Does the ED want to issue a statement to the media on behalf of the AWEA?

  • If yes, should that be in the form of a news release, a news conference, a streaming web conference, something else?

  • Does the ED want to consider posting something on the AWEA’s website as part of the response?

  • If yes, you need to determine “best practices” for how to do this effectively.

  • Does the ED want to provide “talking points” to the industry members of the AWEA so they know how to respond if they get questions? How should those “talking points” be distributed most effectively?

  • Similarly, should the AWEA communicate with other stakeholders with an interest in the work of the AWEA? What form would that take?


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