18.8 Additional Resources

Visit the Web site of culture scholar Edward T. Hall. http://www.edwardthall.com/index.html

Learn about intercultural awareness in the classroom by reading this article by Mark Pedelty — Pedelty, M. (2001). Self as Other: An Intercultural Performance Exercise. Multicultural Education, 8, 29-32.

Visit these sites to explore the history and traditions of some famous American businesses. http://corporate.ford.com/company/history.html; http://www.aboutmcdonalds.com/content/mcd/our_company/mcdonalds-history.html

Learn more about Geert Hofstede’s research on culture by exploring his Web site. http://geert-hofstede.com/

Read advice from the U.S. Department of State on living abroad http://travel.state.gov/

Visit ExpatExchange: A World of Friends Abroad to learn about the opportunities, experiences, and emotions of people living and working in foreign countries and cultures worldwide. http://www.expatexchange.com/newsarchiveall.cfm


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