1.1 An Introduction to Physical Activity Foundations

Welcome to the University of Minnesota Physical Activity Programs! The University of Minnesota provides an array of 1-credit exercise-based courses which are designed to encourage lifetime involvement in physical activity. These courses also serve the University’s mission to prepare students to be lifelong learners, well-rounded individuals, and engaged and active citizens. Furthermore, Physical Activity Program (PAP) courses offer students an opportunity to improve sport and fitness skills, build confidence, and develop friendships in an active environment. The upcoming semester will offer various opportunities to increase practical knowledge of, and confidence in, physical activity behaviors.

As each PAP instructor at the University of Minnesota provides invaluable sport and fitness expertise within their respective fields, the following content is designed to serve as a supplementary source of knowledge which will enhance overall physical activity literacy and competence. The following modules will cover: physical activity foundations, benefits of regular participation in physical activity, and an overview of current nutrition, stress reduction, and sleep literature. Your instructor will provide information on how to proceed through each module, and may provide additional assignments based upon the provided content.

Thank you for your participation. Let’s get started!


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