3.8 Conclusion

Health, wellness, and physical activity performance can either be improved or negatively impacted by an individual’s nutritional choices. Chapter 3 provided a variety of tools and resources which may help students to make sound nutritional decisions in line with their unique dietary needs. The chapter also provided a foundational overview of the following: basic nutrition principles and terminology, current dietary recommendations, energy intake needs, and nutritional strategies for physical activity performance. Many of the recommendations provided within this text were created for the general population, and do not take into account an individual’s unique characteristics and needs. The interested student is encouraged to explore the provided links and references to overreaching organizations which specialize in nutrition to deepen their understanding of the subject matter.

Notably, Chapter 3 did not contain information regarding eating disorders. Although this topic is both relevant and important, a thorough review of this complex issue is not possible with the confines of this introductory chapter.


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