• This text would not exist without the wonderful teaching assistants and students of Mapping Our World. Students from 2015 onward directly supported this book via suggestions and indirectly by putting up with the occasional challenge posed by a volume that is in continual revision. Students in the Spring 2018 offering participated in a ‘typo bounty’ and flagged dozens of issues.
  • Past TAs have helped in many ways. In addition to the chapter authors making their contributions, Ashwini Srinivasamohan reviewed text for clarity and typographical errors; Brittany Krzyzanowski helped process these images and getting the book online and into print, as well as fixing typos; and Jerry Shannon helped with images.
  • Susan Tade and Paul Ching from the¬†Center for Educational Innovation offered expert advice and assistance in developing the 2015 version as part of a broader effort to update Mapping Our World.
  • Kristi Jensen and Shane Nackerud of the¬†University Libraries, as part of their pioneering Partnership for Affordable Content program, offered expert advice in developing open source materials and providing assistance in publishing the 2017 version and getting it into print in 2018.
  • Mark Lindberg for early consultation on mapping and projections.
  • As noted in several places throughout the text, portions of text and images were adapted from other open-source works, so an additional ‘thank you’ to their authors.

Financial support

  • Scholar of the College, College of Liberal Arts (2016). This award provided funding from alumni donations to support for additional teaching assistant help in 2017 to move the book to University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing.
  • Center for Educational Innovation, Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost (2015). S. M. Manson, L. Kne, M. Kernik, L. Matson, and E. DeLuca. This award supported creation of mapping infrastructure, curriculum templates, and online materials for spatial thinking that were some of the basis for this book.
  • Partnership for Affordable Content program, University Libraries (2015). S. M. Manson, L. Kne, M. Kernik, L. Matson, and E. DeLuca. Development of open-access mapping materials.
  • Information Technology Fees Committee, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota (2014). S. M. Manson and M. Lindberg.


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