1938 Introduction

This record was prepared under the direction of Prof. Samuel B. Green about 1897. Much of the work was done by R. S. Mackintosh. Mrs. Fannie Cady also seems to have made some of the entries. It contains most of the records from J. S. Harris’ apple book (now in the possession of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society), but some of the varieties described by Harris are missing from this record.

This book contains a number of descriptions which were apparently taken from the files of the Division of Horticulture, University of Minnesota, and which are not recorded by J. S. Harris in his apple book. The two books are not duplicates.

W. H. Alderman
Professor and Head
Department of Horticulture Science, University of Minnesota

January 12, 1938

William H. Alderman was Head of the Horticulture Department from 1919-1953. Pictured: Alderman in 1920. University of Minnesota Libraries, University Archives., umedia.lib.umn.edu/item/p16022coll175:9108
Professor Green was horticulturist for the Minnesota Experiment Station (1888 to 1910) and Dean of the University’s Department of Forestry and Professor of Forestry, 1910. Pictured: Green in 1899. University of Minnesota Libraries, University Archives., umedia.lib.umn.edu/item/p16022coll175:2183


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