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University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing works with academic authors to publish digital monographs, journals, and textbooks at no cost to readers. Our publishing services align with the University’s land-grant mission of “promoting access to higher education and collaborating to advance knowledge benefiting communities, the state, and world.” The core principles of UMN Libraries Publishing are:

  • We believe the Libraries serves as a critical, central resource for publishing expertise on campus and our essential services should be offered without charge.
  • We support scholars by contributing quality, scholarly works to the public commons through open access publishing.
  • We practice transparent production processes in order to promote critical understanding of the publishing landscape’s range of production and economic models.
  • We support intellectual freedom by keeping the means of production in the hands of scholars.
  • We seek to create partnerships on campus and beyond, to help shape the future of scholarly publishing.
  • We support innovative publications and scholarly experimentation grounded in widely-used standards and time-proven practices.
  • We believe that the scholarly ecosystem works best when creators retain their copyright.
  • We leverage replicable and scalable tools and services to support the economic sustainability of common publishing activities on campus.
  • We work to decrease the cost of higher education for students through the production and integration of open content into course curriculum.
  • We provide leadership to the broader library publishing professional community on developing new models of scholarly publishing.



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