Acknowledgements to the 2nd ed.

It gives me a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction that a 2nd edition of this book has been published.  Thank you to Emma Molls and Laureen Boutang at UMN Publishing Services for their encouragement and careful work.  Thank you also to Cynthia Lewis for writing the foreword for this edition—Cynthia is a friend, a brilliant scholar, and the most outstanding department chair I’ve ever had (that’s why I gave her a plaque).  And Audrey—thank you for everything, including your fascination with writing and our many, many conversations about how lovely and awful it is to do and to teach.

Acknowledgements to the 1st ed.

I relied on the intellectual and emotional support of a number of people as I researched and wrote this book. Thank you to David Cohen, Susan Florio-Ruane, David Labaree, Jeremy Price, Arthur Wirth, Diane Beals, Louis Smith, Deborah Ball, Mary Ann Dzuback, Laureen Sosniak, Suzanne Wilson, Lisa Satanovsky, and James Garrison. My thanks also to my editors–Sarah Biondello, Carol Collins, and Leslie Christie–who have been generous with their skill and encouragement.

Finally, thank you to Jane Ritger, and our children, John and Sarah. My hopes for something better in our schools and our society are grounded, ultimately, in the growth and joy that I experience every day of my life with them.

A grant from the Spencer Foundation Small Grant Program and a Faculty Research Grant from Washington University supported the completion of this project. Parts of this book first appeared in Curriculum Inquiry 23 (1993).


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