Theme 3: How Do Diet, Exercise and Stress Affect Health?

In this part of the course, we will explore how stress affects health, and also how our bodies gain, store and use energy. First, we will examine the role of the cardiovascular system, nervous system and endocrine system help our bodies prepare for stressful situations.  Then, we will look at the types of molecules required in our diets in order to maintain and build healthy cells, tissues and organs. We will also learn about how those nutrients are incorporated into our cells and tissues in the processes of digestion and metabolism. Finally, we will cover how the balance of energy use and storage in the body is related to exercise and weight, and discuss some of the consequences of having too much or too little energy storage, both for the individual and for society as a whole.

Of course, diet and exercise alone determine health. Among many other components of health, we will consider stress and its impact on health.  In lab, you will explore physical and psychological measurements of stress.  In lecture, we will discuss the processes used by the body to deal with stress, some ways that stress affects health, and some of the disparities in stress-related diseases based on income, race and gender.


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