“During my 29 year career…I used texts by Barker, Copi, Engel, and Hurley, but this is by far the best.  It teaches exactly what every educated person needs to know about good reasoning, and it does so elegantly and efficiently.  The chapter on evaluating the truth value of premises is a gem: the best short course on epistemology I’ve read.  The chapter on explanation is immensely clarifying.  …I could go on and on in praise of this book.”

Bob Archer, Harvard-Westlake School

“This [text] is well-written, by someone who has thought carefully about these matters, and who has gone to considerable effort to gather a collection of real, interesting examples for each chapter of the text. I think that it is impressively done.”

Robert B. Wengert, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“What I like about this text is the rigor of its content. It presents real, tough philosophical critical thinking—not some watered-down version.”

George Rainbolt, Georgia State University

“In every way, I found Professor Wilson’s text to be far superior to any other critical reasoning text I am familiar with. […] I know of no other text which presents the material so effectively.”

Peter Chad Finsterwald, Boston University


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