This interactive e-book is meant to be a review of the pharmacology course taught by Dr. Brown in the previous years of the veterinary curriculum. Each chapter covers an antibiotic family and follows the same structure: Background and useful molecules to know in swine medicine, Mechanism of action, Spectrum, Absorption, Distribution, Elimination, Adverse effects, and Synergies.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this e-book are for students to be able to:

  • Identify the antimicrobial molecules that are useful in swine medicine and the antimicrobial family they belong to
  • Evaluate if an antimicrobial is bacteriostatic or bactericidal, time or concentration dependent based on its mechanism of action
  • Recognize the antimicrobial molecules whose use is limited by regulations or by extensive resistance

Before selecting a drug for a treatment, a veterinarian needs to remember the five rules of antibiotherapy:

To achieve an (1) effective concentration of an appropriate drug at the (2) site of infection for a (3) sufficient length of time such that the targeted cells or organisms are eliminated. To accomplish this with (4) no adverse effects in the patient or (5) no development of drug resistance in the targeted cells / organism






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