Grammar Notes 7.4: Hindi Permissive Sentence (V1V2 खाने देना = infinitive oblique)

(verb stem+ने as in खाने )+ देना

The Hindi permissive construction is composed of two verbs. The first verb is in the infinitive oblique form and any verb can occur as V1. For its second verb, देना should occur. V2, देना, receives all the inflections for tense, person, number, and gender of a subject or an object, depending on its perfective/imperfective tense. This is one of many compound verb constructions in Hindi. देना can be used independently, and its lexical meaning is ‘to give’. However, when देना is used as a second verb of the compound verb construction, it implies permission.

Look at the following examples.

(तुम) उसे जाने दो।
(You) Let him go.

मैं(m.) तुम्हें सोने दूँगा।
I will let you sleep.

वह(f.) मुझे आराम करने नहीं देती (है )।
She does not let me rest.

पिता(m.) जी उन्हें फ़िल्म(f.) देखने नहीं दी ।
Father did not let them watch the film.

दादी जी उसे गाड़ी चलाने नहीं देती थीं।
Grandmother did not let him drive the car.

मुझे यह काम ख़त्म करने दीजिए।
Please let me finish this work.

(Ex.4.1.) Fill in the blanks with the correct causative verb forms.

  1. Our teacher does not let us speak English in class.
    हमारे अध्यापक हमें कक्षा में अंग्रेजी नहीं ( )।
  2. My mother does not let me go out after dark.
    मेरी माँ अँधेरा होने पर मुझे बाहर ( ) ।
  3. I won’t let you eat outside.
    मैं आपको बाहर ( )।
  4. We will not let students watch TV after 9:00 night.
    हम रात के नौ बजे के बाद छात्रों को टीवी ( )।
  5. Her parents did not let her clean her own room.
    उसके माता-पिता उसको अपना कमरा ( )।
  6. The king did not let the princess meet the prince of another country.
    राजा ने राजकुमारी को दुसरे देश के राजकुमार से ( )।
  7. He did not allow Raj to fix the car.
    उसने राज को अपनी कार ठीक करने ( )।
  8. Mayor does not let the residents drink too much soda.
    मेयर अपने निवासियों को ज़्यादा सोडा ( )।
  9. We are not allowed to cook beef at home.
    हमें घर पर गाय का मांस ( ) ।


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