2.5 Future Directions in Policy and Refugee Family Support

Future Directions in Policy and Refugee Family Support

The United States is taking steps forward in its support of refugee families. For example, there previously has been no unified approach to relocating and supporting refugees. Procedures vary by state and by VOLAG. However, President Obama recently created the White House Task Force on New Americans specifically to create unified plans to “create welcoming communities and fully integrating immigrants and refugees” (White House, 2014).

However, there are more steps left to take. One international concern is the lack of protection for internally displaced persons. Those seeking a referral for refugee status complete the process from within the country to which they have fled. Internally displaced persons are not eligible for refugee status unless specifically identified by the President to be approved for refugee status. Additional steps may be necessary to protect those who face persecution but cannot, for whatever reason, flee to another country.